A Basket in Front

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I can’t use a rear cargo rack on my bike yet. The mounts for the stabilizer wheels block the space required for the rack. I thought they would but ordered one just to be sure. I also ordered a couple wire baskets for the rack to use as saddle bags. They can be used on the cargo rack or handlebars. Because I can’t install a cargo rack until I remove the stabilizer wheels, I decided to try a basket on the handlebars. The fit is tight because of the dynamo headlight, but it fits snug. It’s not as large as the baskets on adult trikes, but since I’ve been riding this bike (2 months {1,500 kilometers}) I’ve been buying smaller amounts of groceries, several times a week opposed to just once; I carry most of my groceries in a backpack, and carry delicate items like bread and eggs in a bag hanging from my handlebar. They swing and hit my knee, so hopefully the basket will work better.