Bike Accident: Broken Ribs/Clavicle

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On Monday, September 20, 2021, I was in a bike accident. What caused it isn’t clear, but my guess is, ‘was a hit and run’. It happened on Warner near PCH in Huntington Beach. I remember ridding down Warner, and then my conscience mind is blank until getting in the paramedic. There was a police officer on scene, but if I gave a statement, I have no memory of what it was. The fist stop was Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. The paramedics were talking to the medical staff, and said I was in a possible hit & run. It makes sense; west on Warner just before Pacific Coast Highway, the right most lane changes into a two lane right turn only, so I have to get out of the bike lane and cross two lanes of fast traffic continuing to the beach. I’ve taken that way many times the past several years, and when the road is clear I begin my lane change. However, often before I finish, a fast moving car come from behind. Usually they can stop in time to yield the right of way, but probably not this time.

After Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, they brought me to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo because they wanted me in a trauma center. They first took a CT scan which confirmed I had 6 broken ribs (4 with multiple fractures – 11 in all) and clavicle (collar bone). They kept me there 5 days running tests and taking x-rays. I was released Friday, September 24. It has been a couple weeks and my ribs/clavicle are starting to feel better; the clavicle is one piece again, but I want to rest longer and let it grow stronger.

I also need to move October 23. I’ve been looking for a new place to live, but haven’t secured one yet. Being injured makes the last few weeks harder. I haven’t seen the bike after the accident, I hear it is at the Huntington Beach Fire Station on Warner near PCH. It’ll be interesting to see…