Dilemma: New Bike

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It has been four years since I rode a two wheel bike. I busted my hip resulting in total hip replacement and six long months without riding. I still ride adult tricycles but this week looked at an Electra Townie in a bike shop. I sat on it for 10 minutes, and it was super comfortable.

Electra is a child company of Trek, and they’ve been making bicycles for 25 years. I believe it is time for me to get a step-thru frame. My hips have never had much range of motion; for years I struggled with step over frames on both bicycles and motorcycles, but these past 4 years I’ve enjoyed the low step-thru frames of my adult trikes.

The aerodynamics of them result in greater power output for less speed/distance (performance reduction). The Electra is not an electric bike, but probably an awesome performance bike with features like forward pedal design. I had that on one of my trikes, and it makes a big performance improvement. Unfortunately, that trike was a single speed with a non changeable hub on a secondary axle. But my trikes (former and current) with gears perform lower than any bike with gears I’ve ridden.

I’ve also only ridden lower end bicycles. This bike promises higher performance and feels solid in the showroom. I just assembled that stars and stripes trike, so I’m at my limit. I can have two bikes at most (house rule) so I need to get rid of it to make room for a new bike (don’t have a plan though). But if I get it figured out, it just may be an excellent modern experience!