First 2-wheeler post 1991 accident

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1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT
Beyond my motorcycle accident of 1991, I was released from the hospital November 1992 (15 months: 3 months unconscious and 12 months rehab learning to live with a brain injury post surgery). My license was suspended by driver safety due to my traumatic brain injury; in winter 1993 I was finally enrolled in 6 months of driver training and had a class C license spring 1994. To celebrate, I paid cash for a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am GT, and drove it 100K miles spanning 6 years.

In 1995, I rolled a two wheel 18 speed mountain bike to the register of a discount store. Riding a bicycle again was my first step towards getting back on a motorcycle. In Palm Desert, I had miles of non busy residential streets to practice on (a benefit of desert life). I remember my first take off on that bike: I rode about 200 feet before an uncontrollable speed wobble made me crash. It was that way for weeks, but as time past my brain adjusted to riding the bike and distance between crashes increased. Soon, crashes and road rash were a memory, so I started riding in heavy traffic throughout the valley. Furthermore, I took my bike to my sister’s house in South Orange County to ride the narrow windy canyon roads. I was in my late 20’s so recovery from rugged bike riding was quick and teaching my brain to ride a two wheeler again was successful!