First BLOG Entry via Beach Cycle

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Another beautiful ride in the neighborhood. When I was younger, my body burned calories with minimum effort. As I got get older, more effort is needed. Cardio is required most days, so in 2008 I began walking 10 to 20 miles, three days a week, alternating with three days of lifting weights. That routine got me in shape and feeling great, so I kept it up. June 12, 2016, I replaced walking with riding an adult trike. Over 15K miles later, I still ride most days. Even when I have nowhere to go, I ride the local beach path and major roads to and from. Today’s ride didn’t have any major hills or wind, so my max speed was lower; however, the beach was filled with positive vibes. It was an awesome day for a beach cycle, and I’m grateful I was there!


2021.4.10 Surf City Beach Loop