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Started life at the beach but at age six we moved to the desert. Initially, the heat was a shock I’ll never forget. Summer 1974, we left the cool beach climate (70’s F) and entered extreme heat of (120’s F). As time past, I became used to the climate; the extreme dry heat was just a few months spanning spring/summer, and the worst wet heat was cooler and sticky at the end of summer and start of fall; walking outside five minutes resulted in your clothes drenched and air conditioners worked harder removing extra water from the air (while swamp coolers that add water to the air are useless in high humidity). Three decades of that vicious cycle with dreams of moving back to the beach… with a winter house in the desert.

2003 personal issues shuffled me across the country, but I landed in Orange County (Huntington Beach Area) my childhood grounds. I’d lost everything in the desert and started from scratch in OC. I used to ride motorcycles but in 2016 I started riding adult trikes (old motorcycle brain injury makes riding a two wheeler a challenge!) and built my first in 2018, second in 2019 and third in 2021. When building my first and during regular maintenance and repair, I often found discussion threads on Bike Forums helpful, so I became a member. I needed an username so I thought about often riding my trike on the beach path in Surf City; it was like a beach cruiser but a trike. Because trikes are cycles, I decided on beach_cycle. Now I’m using it as the title of my BLOG (Living the Dream as the tagline).

I ride most days and riding on the beach path reminds me I’m living the dream.