Moon Cool Trike (Starling) Cleared a Path for Electra D7 Equipped Bike

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Maiden Voyage: Surf City State Beach

The truck picked up the trike this morning, as scheduled, so I’m good to bring home my new bike tomorrow. Much of my fear about riding another two wheeler is manufactured. Fear knocked at the door; faith answered; no one was there. I’ve suffered balance issues from my 1991 motorcycle accident, that is true, but I was able to ride 50,000 miles on motorcycles afterwards. In 1999 I had a second motorcycle accident I refer to as my minor accident. I broke my neck and pelvis that time, but released the following day. My first MC accident was caused by a car resulting in bad stuff like 90 day coma. My second accident was simply turning too fast and crashing in a field. I was in a bad mood and should not have been riding. Lesson: emotions are powerful and driving under the influence of bad emotions should be avoided!

Some of my fear is real. I test rode the bike Sunday, just across the small parking lot. It was enough to let me know the bike has excellent acceleration (at least in first gear at only 35 gear inches; my current trike only goes down to 49 gear inches). I do good >= 5 MPH – the self balance speed of a single track vehicle. Getting up to that speed and staying over allows me to ride with ease (20-30 MPH is a comfortable cruising speed on that bike (I believe – it was four years ago on rigid mountain bike). I’ll have to ride that bike fast and hope my balance adapts for slow rides.