New Bike for Earth Day

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I didn’t have a plan; rather, I followed a sign that led me to a new bike. I was considering the Electra Townie 7D, but had to get rid of one of my trikes to make room; currently I have two trikes and a two bike limit. I saw the button on the Salvation Army website to schedule a pickup, and remembered how easy my last couple donations were. So I scheduled a pickup, and Wednesday was the first available date.

I’m going to donate the trike I just assembled, and after I scheduled the pickup, I went to the local bike shop and purchased a blue Electra Townie 7D Equipped. The same as Electra Townie 7D with the addition of fenders and mounted lights that are wired to the hubs to generate electricity. I left it at the bike shop and plan to pick it up Thursday (which happens to be Earth Day).

Everyday is Earth Day but April 22 is the recognized Day. Bike use is one of many ways to reduce your carbon foot print; what a wonderful day for a new bike (since everyday is Earth Day, any day is an excellent day for a new bike!)

I still have issues with a two wheel bike, and now I don’t have a large parking lot to practice in. Five years ago I did when I lived across the street from Alamitos Bay Marina. But I broke my hip on my mountain bike, had total hip replacement, and been riding three wheel adult trikes since. The primary difference is steering: on a trike, steering is performed by using the handlebars like a steering wheel opposed to a single track vehicle such as a human powered bike where steering is performed by leaning (handlebars may be pressed to guide the lean). All this was once natural, but after five years of riding adult trikes and a brain injury thirty years ago now I need to think about it. I wonder when my brain will do it naturally again!?