New Stabilizer Wheels & Adult Trike

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My search for replacement stabilizer wheels may be over. Today I looked on eBay and found some with thinner hubs. The seller said the measurement I am looking for is listed as “Over Locknut Dimension = 82mm”. The measurement of the OEM hub using a digital measuring device at The Bicycle Tree last September was 85mm. Not sure if that included the cones on the axle though because I didn’t make the measurement. I do know inside the mounted forks, there is ~3.62” and 3.75” between the outside ends the washers and lock nut tighten. If the wheel is indeed 82mm (~3.22”) then it’ll fit. I may have to use some washers to take up the gap and prevent side pressure from causing damage. An unknown is the length of the axle. The diameter is 5/8” which usually are about 5” long. If it is, AWESOME; otherwise, I’ll need to insert new ones… either way, it’ll be delightful to get my bicycle rolling again.

Since my bicycle has been down, I’ve been riding my adult trike. While it is more relaxing to ride the bicycle because of less resistance, the trike is a better choice for hauling stuff like groceries. I’ve rode 7,300 miles on that trike since June 2019, and the bottom bracket is about to fall off (because it supports the pedals, they’ll fall off as well). It’s so bad now, I can only pedal in 4th gear; the chain line is centered to 4th and the wobble right half revolution then left second half will drop the chain if I shift. Should be resolved this week + the bike solution… life is good.