Wheels are problematic!

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The original training wheels I installed on Electra rolled over 1K miles. However, the right bracket was warped causing an extreme right lean; hence, making those miles uncomfortable. Then, the right balance wheel broke 7 spokes. The company sent me a replacement balance wheel, but it only rolled 5 days before breaking 6 spokes. Next, I spent even more for stabilizer wheels. They mounted great (no extreme right lean!) However, both wheels were loose by the cup that holds the bearings, so they wobble. The right wheel more than the left. Yesterday the right wheel became so loose that the bearings were exposed (must of been sticking on the grease) making a metal grinding noise and the wobble became severe. I used my cone wrenches and tightened it, but today the right wheel loosened after a mile and started making that sound again. I contacted the seller; hopefully they’ll make it right.

I don’t know… I ♥ riding the bike but can’t afford new stabilizer wheels so often. I might have to revert to riding a trike. The adult trikes I rode the past 5 years were bulky, not aerodynamic, and uncomfortable opposed to a cruiser bicycle, but reliable ~5K miles +/-. But the prices have increased 400% +/-. I bought my Electra Townie 7D Equipped with COVID stimulus money, but the spare trike I have left needs a new bottom bracket. I tried removing the right crank arm to repair/replace it, but it is stuck good. I installed them at ~1,000 miles, but now at 6,700 miles the right side is stuck. I removed the left crank arm, but put it back on when I discovered the right side is stuck, and decided to ride it until the chain wheel falls off. That hasn’t happened yet, but last week they would freeze during rotation. Besides the freezing, they wobble and sometimes the chain drops. The Meridian I paid <$300 for finally is available with gears (internal 3 or external 7). And it still offers forward pedals, but the current price is >$1,200. Yes, I’m stuck with Electra (an excellent bicycle) but riding sans stabilizer wheels is bloody. Balance used to be automatic, then conquered by building muscle memory, now I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe it isn’t suppose to be figured out!?